Buying and selling can be scary! It's all the unknowns. This is potentially your biggest investment ever. My persistence and determination will get the deal done, exceeding your expectations. My patience to guide you explaining every step thoroughly, so there are no regrets or misunderstandings.  

I am here as an expert guiding you through the process. I am here to introduce you to the unknowns before they scare you! Step by step to help ease the stress. I am here to answer any question, no question is too dumb!

Don't pay too much for the home you desire! Don't go over your budget you set, the real number you want to stick to or under! I can help you do all of these things. 

Lacey Wiley

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor. Lacey went above and beyond our expectations! Very friendly, knowledgeable and responded to us in a timely manor. We highly recommend her!

Melinda C.